Why you should always buy Site Insurance when renovating or extending

A home undergoing a renovation and seen from the outside
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Before picking up any tools on a renovation or extension project, it is important to protect yourself from anything that could go wrong. And this means checking appropriate Site Insurance is in place before starting work.

Cases where homeowners have failed to do this include when a couple's terrace house collapsed while adding a basement extension and a fire destroying another couple's building project. Both found themselves in dire financial positions because they weren't properly insured.

Here's why it is essential to buy Site Insurance from experts like Self-Build Zone and why your household policy or your builder's insurance policy often won't cover you.

How your builder’s insurance often falls short

Your builder will often have insurance that covers him or her for any loss or damage that happens on a building project they are working on. However, this often only applies when they are on site themselves and for anything they can be held directly liable for so it usually would not protect the homeowner entirely

Builders' insurance often is simple Public Liability Insurance to cover any damage or injury they cause through negligence, and you'd have to be able to prove negligence for the insurance to pay out. This could mean if your home is damaged you essentially aren't covered apart from in very specific circumstances where evidence is present.

Public liability insurance won't cover theft, arson, storm or weather damage either. Only Site Insurance like that offered by Self-Build Zone, which can be taken out by the homeowner will fully cover all of these eventualities.

Scaffolding around a building being extended

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Why home insurance often won’t cover the works

Often home owners assume their existing house insurance policy will continue to cover their home during building work. But this is often not the case as they are not designed to cover building work. For this reason alterations, renovations and extensions will often invalidate a policy, even against unrelated problems, meaning your home is not covered while works are taking place.  

Your home being unoccupied while work is carried out could also invalidate a policy.

Some home insurance policies will cover works but only to the value of a specific amount, often around £25,000. This is usually not enough cover for most projects, only Site Insurance offered by experts like those at Self-Build Zone can give you full cover for an appropriate amount.

A man holding a sledgehammer behind a hole in the wall

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How Site Insurance will protect your project

Buying Site Insurance from Self-Build Zone will make sure your home is completely covered when renovating, extending or even if you are self building. It covers: 

  • Public liability
  • Fire and Theft
  • Flooding
  • Storm Damage
  • Vandalism
  • Accidental Damage
  • Employer’s liability
  • Cover for existing buildings/structures
  • Legal expenses cover to help you pursue a claim in court

You can tailor a package for your project on the Self-Build Zone website. You may want to consider a package where tools, equipment left on site are protected as well Public Liability Insurance for yourself for any damage or injury to any third parties, including family members, on site.

A 10-year Structural Warranty is something you may also want to consider, which is often required by lenders.

Take a look at the Self-Build Zone website to start tailoring your site insurance before you start your renovation or extension project. You can also follow their updates on their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page.