Utility Room Flooring Ideas: Top Choices for Laundry Rooms

a patterned utility room flooring idea
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This guide to utility room flooring ideas is an easy way to compare and contrast materials, designs and styles to help you find the right choice for your home. 

Often simply a functional space in the house, utility rooms are frequently forgotten in terms of overall design considerations. However, no matter if it is used as a overflow for kitchen appliances, a laundry space or a boot room, adequate thought needs to be made into the materials included. 

Usually featuring a sink or washing machine, the best utility room flooring needs to be water or splash resistant, and if your room includes the back door, opt for a scratch resistant product, or one that can be easily cleaned. 

Take a look below for the different options when choosing the best types of flooring available for utility rooms. 

Aim for Practicality when Choosing Utility Room Flooring Ideas

wood flooring in utility room

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Utility rooms often function for multiple purposes, from boot room and laundrette to outsourcing kitchen storage and tidy away coats and bags — all of which means high traffic at all times of day. 

Therefore, durability is key when finding a suitable flooring. Try to choose something with a slip and water-resistant finish which is easy to clean. 

Consider Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring in a Busy Utility Room

patterned vinyl flooring in blue utility room

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LVT flooring (luxury vinyl tile) is available in all manner of patterns, colours and styles so can be combined with any utility and boot room ideas that may take your fancy. 

Here, a pattered, square-format tile is matched with shaker-style units and a drying rack for a functional, period-style utility. 

Make Easy Cleaning a Priority in a Utility Pet Room

practical flooring in stylish utility room

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For a mud-ready and pet-friendly area, consider a rubber floor or LVT tiles that have no grout lines for a low-maintenance utility space. This means less time scrubbing in an effort to make the white come back and less nooks and crannies for fur or dirt to get trapped in. 

Be on Trend with a Herringbone Pattern

herringbone pattern flooring in light country utility room

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Although utility room ideas are generally more functional, that doesn't mean the same level of design consideration shouldn't be put into how you want the final product to look. Laying tiles in a herringbone pattern was a firm favourite throughout 2021 as it is a timeless style that suits changeable decor. 

Opt for Stone in a Country-style Laundry Room

stone flooring in country style utility laundry room

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Stone flooring is an incredibly hardwearing investment and an extremely practical choice for a utility room. Also, it works brilliantly with underfloor heating which is ideal if your space is also used to dry laundry. 

Ensure Water and Slip Resistance in Wet Areas

wood effect flooring in a utility room

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In a similar way to choosing bathroom flooring, the best utility room flooring options are ready to get splashed from sinks and washing machines. LVT, porcelain and stone are ideal choices but remember not all laminates are water resistant. 

A handy washable rug in this stylish utility, laundry and boot room also provides a softer aesthetic and pattern to the pared-back style. 

Use Flooring to Make a Small Utility Feel Bigger

Wood effect flooring in modern utility room

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Laying light-coloured wood flooring from the kitchen into a compact utility space will make it feel part of a larger room while planks (rather than thin strips) gives the illusion of a wider room. 

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