Get Specialist Insurance for Your Self Build, Renovation or Extension Project

House building extension projects
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Building your own home or taking on a renovation project is an exciting yet expensive time, in many cases, it'll be the single biggest financial investment of your life. 

It is therefore startling that many people take on such projects without adequate insurance in place, risking the entire investment and potentially landing them in desperate situations.

Did you know?

Your existing home insurance policy may not cover any works undertaken as part of a renovation or extension project.

To help homebuilders and renovators secure peace of mind, Homebuilding & Renovating has partnered with leading insurance specialist Self Build Zone to provide bespoke insurance solutions at market-leading rates for its readers.

How Much Does Specialist Insurance Cost?

Prices will vary, but expect to pay between 0.5 and 1% of the overall build cost. A self build policy doesn’t cover personal possessions, but can be converted to a household policy upon project completion.

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The Products

Self Build Policies

Self build projects carry a very particular set of risks. Make sure you are properly insured for the duration of your project.

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Renovation and Extension Policies

House building extension projects

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If you are extending or renovating your home, you might not know that your standard policy is not sufficient. Get peace of mind for your project with specialist cover.

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Contractor & Trademan Insurance or Period Living Specialist Home Insurance

To find out more, call Self Build Zone on 0345 230 9872 or for Period Living Specialist Home Insurance, call Sennocke on 0345 230 1515

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