Dua Lipa wins two-year planning battle for her £6.75m home renovation — but with strict Section 106 conditions

External view of a brickwork home with three storeys
Dua Lipa has won a planning battle with Camden Council to renovate her £6.75m home, but only under restrictive measures (Image credit: Google Street View)

After a nearly two-year struggle, Dua Lipa will finally be able to make modifications to her residence in West Hampstead but only if she sticks to strict Section 106 conditions.

Purchasing the property at the age of 22 in 2017 for a sum of £6.75 million, the 27-year-old artist encountered resistance to her plans in 2021 from neighbours. 

Her proposals, which included the addition of a pool, steam room, cinema, relaxation zone, and a studio waiting area and lobby, could provide ideas for you if you are thinking about renovating a house.

Plans include cinema, pool, studio and rear extension

In December 2021, a set of plans was submitted to introduce a range of additions to Dua Lipa's West Hampstead home such as a pool, steam room, shower, changing room, relaxation zone, cinema, studio waiting area, and lobby. 

The plan also included a single-storey rear extension and expanding the existing basement, which would be the location of the pool, along with associated mechanical equipment.

The plans also included the creation of a ground floor entrance hall, dining room, drawing room, pantry, library, powder room, garden room, and a master bedroom and bathroom complete with dressing and linen rooms on the first floor. The second floor would accommodate guest bedrooms and a landing area. Dua Lipa also sought to demolish a rear extension and replace it with a new one.

Dua Lipa's planning agent said in their design statement: "The challenge presented by our client was to increase the floor area [of the house] in a similar way as other properties in the area, while preserving and respecting the qualities of the original house and its significant presence on a corner within the conservation area.

"The new lower garden will be accessed from new studio workspaces in the basement to allow work activity to be separate from the rest of the house.

"The owners seek not only to develop the house within the law, but to improve and enhance the property, with sensitive design interventions that are in keeping with the area, to improve its environmental performance and to secure the future wellbeing of the house."

An overhead shot of Dua Lipa's garden where the building work will take place

Dua Lipa's home, seen with the darker roof, will now undergo extensive building work (Image credit: Google Earth)

Opposition from Council and local groups

These plans faced significant opposition with the home being in the Redington and Frognal Conservation Area.

Planning officers stated in December 2021 that the rear extension "positively contributes to the character and appearance of the host dwelling" and should not be removed.

Camden Council also wrote in its pre-application advice that the removal of the rear extension "would harm the integrity of the building and its contribution to the conservation area."

They added: "Officers would strongly resist the demolition of the existing rear extension as it positively contributes to the character and appearance of the host dwelling due to its carefully considered design and use of materials."

Dua Lipa also intended to remove certain willow trees around the house which faced  scrutiny from the Redington Frognal Neighbourhood Forum who stated the trees may have been planted to soak up water from an underground boundary stream.

However, Bernard Stilwell Architects supported the application stating: "The new owner-occupier/applicant is sensitive to the significance of the house and its garden. They wish to treat it with respect and to ensure the impact of the proposed changes make for a positive contribution to the area."

There were no objections from neighbours, which include celebrities such as Jimmy Carr, Sam Smith and Boy George.

Dua Lipa in a black silk dress

Dua Lipa submitted the plans a few years ago (Image credit: Getty)

Section 106 states work must be 'whisper' quiet

Planning was granted this month for the popstar's plans, however only under restrictive Section 106 measures in order not to disturb the neighbouring homes within the conservation area.

A source revealed to The Sun: "She has to adhere to some pretty strict agreements because of how much objection there was to her plans over the loss of green space.

"Her building team will have to keep the sounds of power tools to a whisper and all the equipment must be mounted with anti-vibration insulators. 

"No one should be aware any work is taking place and Dua's neighbours could kick up a stink if they are. Dua doesn't want to cause any annoyance and she is looking forward to making her house a home."

The development must also not begin after more than three years from July this year.

Joseph Mullane
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